What is the right roofing material for your home or building?

Below is a description of some things to consider in selecting a roofing product for your building, including a description of the types of roofing materials currently rated in the cool roof solution program.


All roofs essentially fall into one of two general categories:

  • low-slope (less than 2 inches of rise over 12 inches of run)
  • steep-slope (2:12 or greater)

Check with a professional from Durable Roofing Solutions to determine the most appropriate roofing product type for your home or office building.


In most climate zones worldwide, cool roofs can significantly reduce a building’s cooling load. However, cool roofs can also increase heating costs in winter months. This increase is usually greatly outweighed by the cooling energy savings achieved during summer months because the sun is low in the sky during winter months, the weather tends to be overcast, and snow often covers the roof, usually creating minor heat gain through the roof in all but the most northern climate zones in the US.

When selecting your roof, it is important to understand your climate zone and the actual energy your home or building will save.

Try these useful cool roof calculators to approximate how much energy you will save with your new cool roof installation:

DOE Cool Roof Calculator

EPA Cool Roof Calculator

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