Roof damage from ice dams

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The largest contributor to leaky roofs and resulting water damage in the Midwest are ice dams. During the winter months, ice dams form on your roof that can cause leaking in your home or business even if you have a structurally sound roof protecting your structure.

  • Ice dams prohibit water from flowing off of your roof.
  • Water sits on roofing material and begins to slowly penetrate into the structure leading to leaks and water damage.

Professionals at Durable Roofing Solutions have the equipment and training to safely perform roof repairs caused by ice dams to protect your investment before water damage affects your home or office this winter.

Let the Pros Handle Your Leaky Roof.

Controlling and (removing ice dams) is a very dangerous project. An improper approach to dealing with ice dams or any roof repair can result in injury or damage to the structure. Durable Roofing Solutions has over 17 years of experience and has the techniques and equipment to maintain the integrity of your property safely and correctly.

Be Safe. Call Durable Roofing Solutions for your roof repair and damaged property needs.

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